Apple Sparkles Cheats Firefly Runner Android

Firefly Runner is a new endless running game where you play as a firefly who throws apples, and has to rack up the highest score.
Also, you must earn badges of honor depending on how far your firefly runs, as well as rescuing your trapped friends along the way.

firefly runner tips

In order to earn points in this game, you can just run the longest distance possible.
During your running stunt, you have to flatten yourself out not bounce up or down in order to get the most sparkles as possible.

At this point, each sparkle that you earn is worth 1,000 points, in which you can earn these sparkles in huge clusters or lines, while making it a worthwhile pursuit to earn as many as possible.

In line with bouncing up and down technique, you can do small taps, very short and quick, on the left side of the screen.
At the same time, you almost want to be barely tapping the screen, because if you tap for too long you will launch upward, causing you to miss sparkles and fly way upward.
Thus try to tap too lightly or too infrequently so that you will drop very slowly.

Later on, you can fly through any loop that you might see on the route.
When flying through a loop, your firefly will do a backflip or a front flip and will automatically collect every one of the sparkles that comes after the loop.
Thus, collect anything that sparkles to earn points too, such as keys.

Anyway, shooting enemies with apples will not only earn you points, but will protect your firefly from harm along the game.
However, try not to just shoot apples willy nilly since you have a limited number
And, if you need to conserve apples, you will be able to pass any enemy without shooting apples at them. So collect some apple clusters when you see them in order to earn ten apples at a time.

In addition, some ants will spring traps on you, which is coming to the peril that kills the most fireflies by far.
You can get around it, that you can do by flying right through the ants, because they are in the background, not the foreground.

According to this, you have to time when the ant is going to unleash the dropped anvil on you
For such reasons, you will be able to hit a certain elevation to avoid it then run again.

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