Fast Score Cheats Flappy TimberBird on Android

This game will offer Flappy Bird wearing an iron helmet so that he can headbutt the pipes that will make him get high score.
Early on, you can get away with tapping slowly, because the bar at the top of the screen drops slowly earlier on in the game.

flappy timberbird guides iphone

As your score increases, the bar drops faster, so that you have to tap more quickly.
Slowly build up your tapping speed, and make sure not to lose control of which side you are tapping and accidentally tap onto the wrong side and hit a pipe.

Playing this game can be a frustrating, so just take a break and then come back to it in 15-30 minutes. After a while, you should be just long enough to get rid of the frustration and your mind will be fresh, the adrenaline will be gone, so that your subconscious will take over, causing your speed and your accuracy to increase fast.

Anyway, if you get the hang of fast-tapping, try to look for the long straightaways, where you do not have to switch sides at all
Afterward, tap them as swiftly and furiously as you can as these straightaways will be your best time to regenerate your stamina in the energy barn during the gameplay
Thus, when you find them, try to take advantage of them and make them work for you to increase more scores along the game.

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