Cash Goal Cheats Flick Kick Football Legends on Android

You can collect money coins by watching videos in flick kick football legends game
Cash is the main currency of this game that you will need to purchase anything in this game

flick kick football legends tips

So in order to make money in this game, you are able to get hold of more paper money by watching promotional videos in the shop section

As a result, you will get 25 notes for each trailer you work through whereby it will be a good clean passes for coin boosts.

Once collecting a decent amount of cash, you can further enhance your team
At least, you will have the best solid team among other players if your cash is always stand by

Matches in this game are the main point to go through
Thus if you want to win the division you will extremely need every goal you can get.

In accordance with this, just go for an outlandish shot on goal in at the end of the match, rather than making a more logical pass.

When playing on the field, you should consider to prevent your opponents run further coming to your defense line
In related with this, make sure not to make your shots directly at the other player on the pitch.

Moreover, if you need to squeeze the pass just beyond an opponent, you can add the slightest of flicks away from their direction so that your player will be able to scoop the ball up at a time.

Besides, try making precisely passing the other players as this your ticket to take a shot at the goal.
A brisk finger-swipe which is combined with a little curve will give get you to make a score before the keeper can get near the shot.
According to this, go for the top left or right corners too as you can as possible.

Furthermore, if your opponents have got you the tackling down, you should never struggle to take possession, but try playing the best until the very last minute.

Alongside, when your opponent get closer enough to pass your defense line they usually cannot change direction so that all you have to do is simply to swipe towards the area they are heading towards and you should take the ball cleanly every time.

In addition, when you want interceptions, you should practice while waiting until the ball has taken its bounce before going in to snatch it as this will work better when the ball comes from far away.

And once getting new players, simply go through the team management screen then swap in any new players in which you will figure out which one that will give you advantage during the match

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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