Point Medals Cheats Flying Cyrus Wrecking Ball on Android

In flying cyrus wrecking ball game, you will simply bounce Miley’s head through obstacles in form of wrecking balls and hammers while achieving points along the way.
So be sure to guide her head carefully in order to pass through the test

flying cyrus wrecking ball tips

According to this line, you have to figure out the rhythm in order to keep Miley’s head flying straight.
Later on, if you tap the screen at 120 BPM with the beat of the actual Wrecking Ball song, her head will keep on flying straight.
So try to stay around the middle of the screen using this rhythm.

Meanwhile, try to aim for the bottom portion of the gap between the wrecking ball and the hammer, then simply bounce when you are about to fall on the pipe.
If you bounce higher, you will end up smashing into the wrecking ball.

This game will provide you seven different medals that you can earn in the game.
So in order to get the green medal you must earn 10 points
And, if you have 70 points, your medal will turn into gold one.

The maim point is that try to relax you are playing this game and take a break for an hour or two then go back to play this game with fresh mind
Doing so are helpful when you get stucked on your run to achieve points for gold medal

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