Ammo Cheats to Win Base in Crazy Tribes on Android

Collect resources including metal, gas, plastic and food is by taking the Wall Street strategy of hostile takeovers.

crazy tribes walkthrough

Make sure you have 1,000 ammo, and the base you want to raid has at least 1,000 ammo then take over the first another base

Make sure you have to send enough troops to beat their troops, and you have to send over 1,000 ammo.
Get those troops and ammo from your stash, from your clans stash or from multiple bases that you have.

Give your troops enough supply and a massive amount of supplies to carry.
After all have been ready just try to send the troops out to battle

Wait till the battle is over to own the base and all of the resources that are contained within the base and all of the buildings which continue to produce resources.

Now continue to let the resources collect within your new base, and upgrade your resource buildings as needed.
It will give you the doubles earning speed of your resources and give you another place to train new troops.

Tips to get free metal, gas, plastic, iodine and ammo in crazy tribes
Send all of your new supplies right back to your first base.
Get your troops carried back all of the metal, gas, plastic, iodine and ammo.
Go to stash it at your new base
Abandon the old base for a while to let someone take it over
Wait till they build up enough resources then take it right back from them.

Just attack bases that have been abandoned by other players with using only 3 scouts and 1 pickup to get resource-farming at defenseless mutant bases but do not send over any ammo to do so.

Attack them, and let their resources keep building up then go back to attack them again later.
Remember to send the minimal number of troops with many pickups and other supply carriers in order to successfully attack.

Win the battle since mutant bases are basically just areas for farming and they do not have any real attack power.
Send them over and theyll load up on metal, gas and plastic, which you can then go to the HQ and trade for ammo.
The more scouts and pickups you have, the more mutant bases you can farm at the same time.

Tips to win battle and have many bases in crazy tribes
Wait 10 minutes to get your two bases worked together when attacking another.
Farming resources from a base needs 1,000 ammo combined from two bases to take over the base

Just send troops from the second base to the first base along with the necessary ammo and when they get there, send the whole squad of units and ammo from the first base to raid.

Join a clan in order to set up regional clan bases, per se or to take over hugely powerful bases easily and to farm very powerful bases for huge quantities of resources.

Send all necessary troops over to the headquarters base in order to coordinate troops and marching movements better.

Send everyone at the same time with a combined 1,000 ammo to take over the base
Send the troops if you just want to steal huge quantities of resources. Then split up the resources after everyone gets back from the march.

Strategy to get infinity ammo in crazy tribes
Gather the necessary amount of troops to destroy their units, along with a combined 1,000 ammo in order to take over their base.

Attack them to take their base over and claim all of their ammo.
Just divide up the ammo as agreed upon if it is done with your clan
Just abandon the base if you want then take all the ammo back later.

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