Coins Rare Cards Cheats in Terrapets on Android

When playing Terrapets, you can get rid of traps quickly by doing this trick
Go to your phone or your device’s settings

Terrapets guides

Just set the time ahead by however much time you want to.
If you have a patience trap waiting to catch a Terrapet within 18 hours, so set the time ahead by 18 hours and then go back to the game and your trap will be sprung.

Tips to get coins and cards freely in terrapets game
Go to your android time date settings
Set it half an hour ahead to refresh the coin collecting rock that will be the one right next to your house at once
Set it 2 hours ahead to refresh the card collecting as soon as possible.
Afterward the coin collecting rock is ready to be collected from when you see small chunks of gold popping out of it.
You have to tap it to collect your coins and start the counter over again.

Guides to find Mynok quickly in terrapets game
Try to look in the same environment when finding Pronto in, and set your traps there.
Although Mynok will not often come up you will find it in your trap.
Use more expensive trap and the food to find Mynok in one of your traps.

Strategy to level up fast in terrapets game
Go to your phone time and date settings
Set an hour or more ahead
Then try to start trying to cover your land with various different tiles such as woodland, swamp.
Every tile that you build will give you experience points.
If you want to change tiles later on, you can simply place a new tile over an old tile.

Try to become a pet collector and catch pets in cards and battle with them and tame over 70 different types of wondrous pets
Simply get a battle pets that are tamed and level them up to customize their fighting moves
Create your own pet wildlife reserve and fully customize it with endless decorations
Rid the lands of the destructive force that is ‘Rathroot’ by fighting possessed monsters.
You can connect with our friendly Facebook community to shape the development of the game.

Try to catch different pets from different terrains.
Just use more expensive baits on traps near cleansed hives to catch higher level pets.
You have to place pets into healing huts when they get injured from battle.
Try to get a battle your pets with higher rarity ones to earn battle experience bonus for free.
Note that paper pet move is stronger against rock, rock against scissors and scissors against paper.

Try to level up pets from battles so that they will learn new moves.
Try to use less stamina to let your pet fight longer.
Sell unwanted pets and items to get extra gold coins.
Gather gold coins every 30 minutes, and free capture cards every 2 hours.

Just fight your way through hives to cleanse them from corrupted monsters.
You can revitalise Hakawa with a range of different terrain types and customize the environment as you see fit.
In this game you have many different options for creating an enticing reservation for all the different Terrapets from frozen tundra and volcanic mountains to thick forests and vast oceans

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