Coins Rubies Pearls Cheats Tap Paradise Cove Android

In tap paradise cove, you will be assigned to get free more pearls and treasures and you can sacrifice some of your earnings to maximize the level of your ship.

Tap Paradise Cove guides

Send your ship on voyages to earn pearls then start leveling up your ship using pearls.
Just tap the ship when it is not on a voyage so that you can spend pearls to increase its level.

After leveling it up, send your ship out again so that it will get more pearls per voyage.
You have to level up your character to get 20 free pearls as a bonus per level.

In order to earn other treasures, you have to expand and discover the artifacts like caves, pyramids and whatnot.
All you have to do in this game is just to explore new lands, clear out all of the foliage covering them, and build new houses and stores on those new lands.

You can also explore various archaeological spot on these new lands and look for buried treasures.
After finding the artifacts and explore them, you will earn all kinds of treasures as an extra bonus.
In addition you can discover ancient ruins, mystic sages, exotic animals with the Treasure Map

Try to collect more coins to buy any stuff needed in this game
You can try to collect these coins from your houses and your boat merchant as often as possible.
You can have merchant shops to earn you money.

However, your income from merchant shops can be maximized by making the best use of your treasures. You can earn all kinds of treasures in this game, including pearls, but also including black pearls, sapphires and other treasures.

Try to get merchant shops in this game
Just complete quests and build more houses for residents of your village.
Go to the houses area, and look for any houses that you can build using coins, rather than rubies.
Get the coins and the wood to build them.

After their houses have been finished, go back to the merchant tab in your shop then scroll through to have a new merchant shop.
Always keep completing quests and building houses in order to unlock the merchant shops as much as possible.
Now you need to build houses to unlock the ability to build the new merchant shop, but when you have these new merchant shops.

As unlocking more merchant shops needs a lot of coins you just concentrate on collecting from the houses and merchants you currently have as often as possible.

Try to get more wood in this game
Just chop down any of the trees, plants and bushes on land that you buy.
After doing so, you can buy more land if you want to chop even more wood.
And there will be unlimited amount of land that you can have during playing this game.

Try to get more experience points in this game
Just collect something from a building to earn more experience points.
You have to complete a quest to get experience points as a reward.
You can try to finish construction on a building or on a ship by clicking it when the “green arrow” appeared up above it.

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