Coins Cheats to Get High Score in Ski Safari Android

When playing ski safari game, you must jump to get more rewards
Try grinding across the top from the range marker signs in order to earn more points.

ski safari walkthrough

Just jump higher together with moving through clouds to get more rewards.
Note that try to locate a snow vehicles to bring passengers to create this trip continue any longer.

Tips to jump 1500 feet on a Bat in ski safari game
If you use gliding transferring between bats in mid-air would work a second bat will show up in time.
All you have to do is to get a track like eagle bluffs to get plenty of space and have a couple of flaps before hitting the ground then continue to glide again.

Note that you have to get 15 flaps before you come off
Try to keep pressing in order to glide a lot further. And try to take off from a cliff first then just keep holding after every tap.
Get some momentum and height, then hold the screen down to glide. Flap a few times just as you approach the ground, then hold the screen to glide again. You get fifteen flaps without a test before you lose your bat.

In order to tumble off a cliff on eagle bluffs try to read these tips
You have to choose a penguin then crash it before reaching the first cliff with a rock near it and just let it hit you
You have to flip right at the cliff edge and hit your head, then you fall of the cliff.

Tips to fly higher on an eagle with the eagle boost on ski safari game
Try holding down to glide on the eagle and just flap the wings necessarily to get the star

Guides to manage to have a blue boost with the fireball snowmobile to get more speed, more airtime
Just select the snowball in the shop as well as the snowmobile wings and cabin boosters
Try to start the level with the snowmobile
Note that when you come off the cliffs try gliding out off the cliff as much as you can before heading straight for the ground.
By doing so you will have some point and find yourself far enough from the ground to build up a good yellow boost
The landing trick is the key to go straight into a boost cabin which leads you to get the blue boost.

If you do not want to do more action to get blue boost all you have to do is just do an upgrade of the Snowmobile Wings and pair of the Glowing Cabins
Use the wings, snowmobiles glide in the air to get one level of boost, and get backflipped once to boost 2.
Always keep doing until you manage to land then go through a glowing cabin before the boost wears off to boost level 3 or blue boost.
If you can manage a long glide plus double backflip it will be double without the assistance of the cabins.
Just use the glowing house to earn an automatic 2 boosts in order to quickly flip again and to have blue boost

Try to use the slopes Sven to find fast Snowmobiles which can ferry multiple animals a maintain a very high top speed.
Staying ahead of the avalanche will give you advantages and perks.
Try to complete objectives to level up Sven and to increase his score multiplier.
Riding animals an performing backflips will increase the score and with an increased score multiplier Sven will be rocketing up the highscore table easily.

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