Gold Blood Cheats for SWAT End War Android

In swat end war game, you have to collect more gold in every mission that you have completed daily
With having more gold you can unlock weapons and upgrades then also purchasing bullets for your weapons.

swat end war helphint

On the other side you can also upgrade your guns or buy more powerful guns when it is difficult to continue.
Play this game daily to get bonus and receive daily rewards when finishing daily tasks.
When running out of gold or cash, you can click “free gold” and do tasks on offer wall.

Also, try to get more blood box to recover your life in this game
Search and get materials of medals, accessories of M32 and AA1, and blood box or air strike in the treasure hunt for free.

When completing a mission, you will be presented by statistics of your kills, headshots, rewards, and bonus.
You can also buy packs like Blood Box and Air Strike which will help you complete missions easily.
Blood Box lets you recover health, and Air Strike calls upon air forces to strike your enemies.
Note that medals with different extra bonus will help you accomplish your tasks so that you can get them and upgrade them as soon as possible.

You will be playing as a counter terrorist to put an end to terrorist activities that are related to dark forces.
So use advance military weapons, air strikes, and powerful machine guns.

Move the gun with your left and shoot with your right by pressing the button.
Attack enemies with high danger first in the battlefield
Remember not to shoot hostages.

Choose the right weapon for the right mission
Weapon M32 is used to mass destruction.
Weapon AA1 is aimed at making headshots easy.

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