Gold Cheats in Battleloot Adventure Android

In order to get free gold in battleloot adventure game, you can apply these instructions
Download and install both GameCIH2 and Magic File
Once installing those application just follow these instructions to get free gold

Battleloot Adventure guides

Go to your Armory
Just select items on right
You will see that the first slot will show you 100/???? and the ??? means your gold that is the second number
Now just search your current gold
Try to buy anything and input your new value
You should get just one “variable” address
Try to change it to whatever you want to
Now switch screens in the armory for the changed value to show.
By doing so you will have money gold as you want

When playing battleloot adventure game, you will be tasked to hire a party of adventurers swearing allegiance to one of the four cities and gain the benefits of the Kingdom sovereign’s tax relief.

You must also solve your missions with this tips
Just recruit many different adventurers, each with his own perks and unique skills.
Just form and manage a party of 3 characters, carefully picking classes to face the dangers ahead.
Just arrange your characters in battle making your own formations, gaining benefits from front or rear lines.

Make a plan every attack and choose which character to use and what action to perform.
Learn how to use both Special and Auto skills to win in battle.

Practice with reactive actions including Assist and Block.
Practice and discover how each class can overcome monster types, or be overwhelmed by them

Customize your characters as well as their abilities.
Try to get unique Combo system, rank up hits and collect Stars to unleash special attacks.

Battle over different battlefields, some sparkling with magic energies, other slowing your armored adventurers down.
Pledge your allegiance to one of the four cities and collect rewards earned by fame.

Find over 60 Quests with a unique Feat each to challenge your skills.
Just fight gangs of rival mercenaries, magic entities, brigands and bizarre creatures so that players will move across Kameloot different areas, using up to three characters at the same time.

With intuitive and fast paced controls, their strategic skills will be put to test when facing all the different battles along the way.
You have to strengthen team members with new equipments and items then unlock new adventurers and try all the different combinations between their skills and spells.

Try to climb on-line rankings to become the richest and most famous Kameloot mercenary adding to your city fame with Achievements and Game Center support.

Here, certain classes will get some useful battlefield advantages on specific stages.
Try to find all the info you need on each objective screen before wade into action
Make sure to optimize your adventurers for the task at hand.

Having combos are a great way to earn handy special attack-granting stars while sparing your stamina.
Try to initiate an attack, then prod your teammates immediately after to summon them into the fray.
Get over the hit point threshold in order to get a nice gold star for your efforts as a reward
Try to have the more successful attack and to swipe your spoils before they vanish forever.

Specific classes have distinct advantages among others in combat
warriors will beat sages
sages will beat mage
smages will beat rogues
rogues will beat warriors.

Always note to keep struggling as each stage has its own unique blend of classes to battle against
Then just hop in to get the lay of the land, and adjust your party members accordingly.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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