Line Birzzle Plus Apk Sd Data Card Android

Line Birzzle is a brain puzzle game made by naver
This game is similar to angry birds allowing users to make three combination with moving birds

Line Birzzle

In every level user will be given certain challenges in which they have to eliminate birds with specific time period.
So they have to do it in hurry to win in each level

This game is categorized in an incredibly addictive with cute birds in comic actions.
The legendary puzzle game with over 7 million downloads is now ready to be downloaded for free including new features Armed Quest Mode and Item Battle.

Line birzzle version 1.1.0 is an ultimate puzzle action which requires android version 2.2 and above in order to play this game well

Features of Line Birzzle Plus
1. Bonus coins worth $1.99
2. Unlimited feather system with Unlimited Endless mode
3. Ghost mode
4. PEPE, the Penguin Bomb is a tough penguin that instantly explodes at the first touch to lead you to a victory.

Tips to install line birzzle on android
Download free line birzzle apk and install it into android device
Download line birzzle sd data on android
Save line birzzle sd data to Android/sdcard/
Now, open the game

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