Money Cheats in Gangstar Rio City of Saints on Android

Try to complete missions in gangstar rio city of saints game to get money for free
When being in the middle of a mission and just running around, you can let your car hits you or take a shot to the head in order to die quickly
Now get out of the game and try to play another game for 10 minutes or so
Afterward go back to gangstar game to go to the starting screen
Just tap resume game so that you should have as much money as the previous start
Be sure to save after every time you finish a mission or want to start the new one

gangstar rio city of saint walkthrough

Try also these instructions in order to boost money in gangstar rio city of saints
Go to the bank to take money
Try to use one of the cops cars outside or use the helicopter
Just loose the cops wait until bank is open again
Just repeat that step to get $2500 anytime
Try to have a glitch to walk through walls then land in the volt and take money than walk out through the wall again
Kill drug dealer and his bodyguards near the boat house to get $25003.
Kill the rich people who is man in suits and other one in purple top that always drive these cars such as W4c, laufter, galapeno, sport car, limo and throw them out to the car park on them then quickly jump out of the car and eventually you will get lots of money as well

In order to get a tank for free just go to the army base and there will be a tank on the ship then just take it
In order to blast the car is by choosing a car to blast and attack it from all sides to get it fire then run away fast and wait till it explodes.

Try to get ten footballs at the seaside between two building beside the car selling place
Try to go to that dump place in order to get extra money Find out briefcases with $2,500 in them there will be 10 briefcases to find in the whole game

Try to get an aeroplane or chopper on the room of your apartment building.
Go to your home apartment and look for an elevator symbol next to the house symbol to go to the roof
On top of the two mountains with cable cars there will be a helicopter then just get it for free

A great way to not die is try to take cover or be in a car and shoot out.
Just use your RPG or other various explosive weapons Get the tank or dics van
Stay near your house but when you are low on hp just go to bed to get more health
Get to cover while shooting out.
Get and use the armor or first aid kit in the weapons store

In order to get a tank in gangstar rio city of saints all you have to do is try to rob the bank then run so that will chase you automatically afterward just steal and drive the tank around the town
Try to reach 5 stars then fly up in a helicopter to rob bank
Just go on roof and steal helicopter then fly above and always focus on a tank comes from When your stars go then just fly down in front of tank and steal it to get 1 star

How to level up quickly in gangstar rio city of saints is try to take a motor cycle and do wheelie to tire up
Just pause the game
Go to controls then uncheck the enable wheelies box
By doing so it will give you respect because it makes you do infinite jumps up into the sky that gives you respect.

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