Money Stock Cheats in Dream Heights for Android

Follow these steps to get money for free in dream heights game
You have to add floors and rooms then try to move new residents into your apartment

Dream Heights guides

You can sell things for money by putting your residents into jobs on the various floors.
You have also to wait your stock in the stores for being sold or stocked so that you will earn money to build more and more floors.

You can get free more stores stock without waiting in dream heights game
When the zzzz symbol is already over your stock it will be ready to be restocked
Simply click on each one of them and restock each one of them, one by one.
After all of your stock get restocked, click out the game
Now go to your phone’s settings.
Select the date and time option
Just set your phone to an hour or more.
After setting the date and time option get back to the game.
Now you will have your stores to be stocked now and the newly delivered item will earn money to be collected.
Collect the money and stock the new items, but remember not to click on any zzzz icons just yet.
It is time to reset your phone’s time back to the normal time again.
Afterward go back to the game.
You can repeat those action above to collect massive amounts of coin for free.

You can construct more rooms fastly in dream heights game
Just start construction
Go to the phone`s setting on your phone
Just set your phone’s time to an hour or more.
Then get back to the game and the construction should have been finished.
Try to open your building
Afterward set the time back to normal.
You can do this for any new floors.

Just build a businesses including 5 types of businesses namely food, craft, services, retail and fun.
Try to employ residents in a businesses in order to get bigger monetary bonuses and work will get done faster.
Try to match up an employee with their exact dream job to get bonus stock which leads you to get more money as well.
Try to make money by producing the good or service, and selling the good or service.
Just click on the elevator to lead the resident to go to a business floor or a full residential floor so that you will get a money bonus.
Try to take the resident to move into one of the open spaces to get a huge money bonus.
This game will allow you to connect with friends and visit their towers
Try to customize your tower with retail stores, restaurants, apartments, and more stuff
Just help friends shop in your tower and sell them goods to get money to build more floor in your apartment

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