Power Gems Cheats in Gems With Friends on Android

If you want to earn high scores points on gems with friends game, just match color and numbers are the most important aspect of this puzzle.

Gems With Friends

Match three or more gems to earn points and the last gem placed turns into the next gem value up.
Get coins used to purchase power gems and increased levels of power gems as well as rare Crown gems and you are given 500 coins to start the game with as well as five spins to earn free coins and power gems.

The only way to earn coins in the game is by spinning the slot machine for them.
Match three red number one gems to be turn into one orange number two gem.

If you have several red number one gems which are the most common you will want to place them strategically so that when they turn to number two gems you can match three of those now number three gems which will turn into a green number four gem and so on up to the maximum of the number nine gem.

Use several power gems to help increase your score and this will be explained further.
Match the last gem you place to complete the match in which the new gem of higher value will be located.

Place those gems strategically to get the numbers where you need them.
Make a combo by matching as many gems within two minutes and making the highest gem matches and combinations.

Get all gems matched in many strategic ways. Once three gems of the same type are met they will change.
These combos will earn you huge points especially if you place them on the board fast.

There are nine different gems namely
Red 1 worth 5 points each
Orange 2 worth 10 points each
Yellow 3 worth 20 points each
Green 4 worth 35 points each.
Blue 5 worth 60 points each.
Purple 6 worth 90 points each.
Pink 7 worth 140 points each.
Black 8 worth 210 points each.
White or Diamond 9 worth 300 points each.

Use and upgrade power gems to get the huge points
Heart Gem acts as a wild card gem and can be placed with other gems to make matches.
Frost Gem will freeze the clock for 4 seconds while playing.
Star Power Gem will add 5 to 20 stars and you will not lose any stars for 10 to 20 seconds.
Lucky Gem will give you three or four purple seven gems in a row which means huge points for your game
Golden Heart Gem will give 8 to 20 times points for how many coins you use to access this power up.
Mystery Rare Gem is very hard to get and it varies special powers per game.
Extra Hearts gives triples changes to earn a heart

Note: Anytime you place a power gem on the board and don not meet a match it will automatically turn into a red number one gem so be sure not to waste it

Get an explosion of bonus gems near the end of a game round or you might gain a chance to draw several valuable diamond white gems in a round.

Just spin for coins and power gems
Use coins to purchase more strength for the power gem.
Buy all three power gems and fully upgrade them to earn an amazing score.

Place strategically three tiles of the same number to make matches and to turn into the next higher
Note: The last gem you place is where the new higher value gem will be placed.

Use your power gems and increase their power whenever possible as they will increase your score greatly.
Do not place your power gems in a place does not match or it will change into a red number one gem.

Select your free power gems and use coins to increase the strength or frequency of them and the overall star power added to your game.

Place gem on the board to receive a point.
Match 3 of the same gems to get a higher value gem.
A new gem that is one value higher will replace the 3 old gems that were combined.
The new gem will be placed in the position of the last third gem.

Higher value gems will lead more points
1 Gems = 5 points
2 Gems = 10 points
3 Gems = 20 point
4 Gems = 35 points
5 Gems = 60 points
6 Gems = 90 points
7 Gems = 140 points
8 Gems = 210 points
9 Gems = 300 points

Every gem combination will give you a star reward and each star contributes a bonus points for each play.
Combine gems within 2 minutes or stars will disappear afterward.
Combine any 2 matching gems to get a Power Gem a wildcard reward.
Try to chain combos to get more bonuses when a Power Gem is used to match two different groups of gems together.

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