How to Get Rare Captains Cards in Pirates Age on Android iPhone

If you want to get free card even getting bonus captain card, be sure to complete tutorial
Try to get an exclusive card and rare G limited cards in monster events quests every couple of weeks so that you have to join it to get those rare cards

Pirates Age guides

Before going to battle try to have more allies to get help you to win the battle and get those cards d. Gather good cards and raise their levels to become stronger

Invite more allies to take down boss in weekly competitions so that you can win the powerful captain cards
Do an upgrade your deck by completing treasure sets
In order to win stronger cards you have to place high on special events.

Try to get your cards leveled up so you can compete with others on the game.
In this game you can buy and trade cards with other players in order to get a good rare card.
If you want to get bonus gift you have to invite your friends for even more gifts
Evolve your cards to be the most powerful cards ever

On the other side, you must get the most powerful cards by defeating bosses
Build a pirate empire with over 500 unique cards including rare captains cards
You have to complete quests to add to your collection and to get bonus reward
Try to discover more rewards in your daily treasure chest

You have to make your deck stronger with spare cards
All you have to do is to compete against other players in this card battle game
Create your solid pirate crew with your friends to take on the perils of the sea
Join more allies to beat bosses and to get more cards from them

Set sail on the treacherous seas to search for wealth and power in this game
Always keep on evolving cards to earn more cards such as n, n+, r, r+, G
Try to select specific allies to help out in the event battles.
Try to win each battle to get more coins and cards as a reward

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