Rare Cards and Coins Cheats in Chains of Durandal Card Battle on Android

Chains of Durandal is an a card collecting game or CCG in a world of high fantasy, with a cast of characters divided by ancient feuds and powerful destinies.

chain of durandal walkthrough

In this game every player has to wield an army, collect and evolve hundreds of characters.
You have to find and collect your army first including human commanders, dragons, monsters, fairies, and reapers then command them to fight against the evil forces that would undo the legacy of the Seven.
In order to win the battle you have to use your best strategy needed with deck building and larger battles

How to get card in chains of durandal card battle game on android
In this game every card will let you interact bears a supremely detailed character, composed of wonderful art design and execution.
So find these characters to become your army then employ them to battle increasingly to help you get the victory

Make sure and be ready to indulge in some complex combat strategy during the battle in this game
By winning the battle you will get some bonus items including even some rare cards
You have to learn the battle system with surprising depth and strategy so that you can master the battle strategy as well in this card game

Get cards by completing some quests in this game
Some quests in this game will feature a variety of locales including vast plains, fiery volcanoes and ancient castles.

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