Rare Cards and Crystal Cheats Kingdom Conquest 2 Android

In kingdom conquest 2 game, you can collect more crystals by either completing quests or tapping on facilities when the option appears.
Completing every quest will give you rewards including crystal currencies for expanding your empire.
On the other side you can also collect more items such as your Monster cards, gear and CP carried forward into the next period of combat.

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Daily Points are rewarded for your ongoing activity within the game so you have to log in the game daily to get more DP
Meanwhile capturing a Debris Tower and completing quests will also give you more DP for free.

You can also do some task to get more cp by completing quests as well.
Or if you want to get it quickly you can go to app store for having cp in vary prices based upon your region, so check from your device to see what purchase packs are available.

You have to capture more Debris Towers scattered throughout each continent than anyone else.
So that you can win a season in Kingdom Conquest II

Try to join an alliance to have some advantages like sharing battle logs and tactical information, and contributing towards your Alliance increases your Alliance Level.
You will also receive more Resources bonuses and extra EXP bonuses if your alliance level is in higher rank than the other player of this game.

Just level up a facility by tapping on it and select the Level Up option then wait for a while for the process to complete, so participate in a different area of the game until the building work has been completed.

You can move structures around after you have built them by tapping the directional arrow icon, then select the building, and then put it wherever you wish

In addition you will need stone, iron and wood materials in order to build new structures and produce additional Monster units.
In this session you will accumulate resources over time, with the quantity depending on your infrastructure
So try to improve this resource rate by building and upgrading new facilities and capturing more land.

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