Rare Moga Cash Cheats in Monster Galaxy Exile Android

In monster galaxy exile game, you can get free more moga in that you have to figure out this uncommon moga in one or two particular stages where they show up every time that you go there so that you will be able to easily catch uncommon Moga there.

Monster Galaxy Exile guides

Be sure to look at your “Moga caught” counter on each island while searching around and there might be an uncommon one lurking.
Goto every single island and start collecting every single star on each island in order to catch rare and super rare moga.

After collecting every single star on one single island, a new quest will pop up on this session
Go to the island in yellow of one of the stages in order to find and fight with one of the rare Moga on the island and try to catch it.

When being in a battle against multiple Moga in one round, sometimes the very last one will be rare or above moga.
So keep your eyes open if the “Catch” button lights up on the last Moga in the middle of the battle, and just catch it.

Legendary and Epic Moga can only be gotten using Moga Cash, unless you are further in the game. Then, they can be caught the same way that the Rare and Super Rare Moga can.

In order to win battle against other players just load your main Moga team with the rarest Mogas that you have as the rarest ones are always the strongest ones and relative to their experience levels.
Just put the rare of higher-level common Mogas in the battle, level them up to get much stronger, and having a higher maximum experience level.

Take your first backup Mogas such as the fourth, fifth, and sixth rarest Moga that you have out for some level-grinding and common Moga catching missions once in awhile
By doing so if all of your main Moga are defeated in battle, you can still go out and complete all of the missions that you need to complete.

Try to get free starseeds and blue coffee that will get your energy refilled fast
Complete the various quests throughout the game.
Each quest you have accomplished will give you either free Starseeds, or free Blue Coffee, as a bonus reward.
You can get blue coffee for free by completing fifth of the quests in this game.

Just claim your daily prize by going to the menu then tapping on the button next to “Get your daily prize!” If you do this in order to earn free Starseeds and free Blue Coffee as well.
Note that Starseeds are used far more frequently and are more necessary to the game than Blue Coffee.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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