Rubies Cheats in Blood Glory Legend on Android

When playing in blood and glory legend game, try to get glory level up to earn a ruby skill points by defeating enemies through the games.

Blood Glory Legend

Get the shield deflect any attack the enemy brings and confuse them for a moment while you open up their flesh with a whack of your sword.

Going on the attack is fairly straight forward affair. Slashing left or right, up/down, diagonal—it all counts the same when the enemy is stunned and open up for attack.

Find health potion to get full health in the middle of a battle.
Get amulets to earn various bonuses that will aid you in the battles that you have in the game, ranging from attack strength bonuses, defense bonuses and health bonuses.

Anticipate and avoid an enemy’s attack to win the battle in this game.
Press and hold the left arrow to dodge attacks from the left, and do the same with the right arrow when attacks come from the right.

Just slash the screen in a variety of directions to attack the opponent.
Press and hold the shield icon on the bottom of the screen to block incoming attacks.
Always upgrade the Block skill.

Just deflect an attack and strike the enemy with parrying skill and swipe in the opposite direction of the enemy’s attack.

Evade more than 60 percent of an enemy’s attacks by using either Block, Dodge or Parry skill
Just trigger a Glorious Strike by activating it when a directional arrow appears on screen then swipe in that direction and unleash a barrage of damaging strikes to get critical damage on your opponent.

Use Special Attacks by activating the button
Special 1: Stun the enemy, plus damage.
Special 2: Stun the enemy, plus 2x damage.
Special 3: Stun the enemy, plus 3x damage.

Before heading into battle make sure to equip up to three amulets including magic powers.
Note: Amulets can be upgraded up to three times, and the majority of amulets will be unlocked by reaching different levels.

Types of amulets includes
Potion Upgrade: Attack and block potion timer now 10 seconds.
XP Bonus: XP earnings plus 10 percent.
Special Damage: Special attack damage plus 10 percent.
Glorious Strike: Glorious Strike stun of 3.5 seconds.
Bleed: Each successful attack makes the enemy bleed five damage per second.
Equip three potions before going to battle
Health: Restores health.
Attack: Double damage.
Block: Halves stamina damage.

Always getting alert on the caravan as it will give you a free item including potion
Remember as enemies also have special attacks, designated by color. Orange means it cannot be blocked, while white means it cannot be dodged.
You can revive after losing a fight, but it costs two rubies.

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