Silver Golds Cheats in Arcane Empires on Android

If you want to get free gold and silver in arcane empires game, be sure to do various tasks to get a few incentives of free gold where all you will do is to create Kabam account, which will give you a cool 75 gold nets.

arcane empires tips

Just link the game to your Facebook account to get more free gold.
Get more silver on Arcane Empires by doing increase the taxes on their city that takes the risk of decreasing their happiness

Try to get another silver by building more homesteads in the castle area, which increases your population and the total amount of taxes that get paid to you.

Guides to get more resourcese and complete missions in arcane empires game
Expand your city and upgrade various items with gold.
Build and upgrade your city’s structures with the amount bread, log, crystal, ore and silver icons and with other resources as well.

Just tap to build out your city in an empty square spaces. Every blank square represents the ability to build structures.
Simply tap them to create.

Just build your means of production like farms, ironworks, crystal mines and sawmills in the surrounding walls of the citadel.
Try to scout or attack surrounding islands to expand your territory, population and resources.
Just create the interconnected building types then upgrade their abilities from the main Citadel view page by tapping them.

Try to level up by building and upgrading structures, expanding your territory and most importantly, completing the games missions so that you can add new structure types and earn gold, speed tokens to reduce cooldown times of your research and building creation or upgrades.

Make sure to have enough means of production to defend yourself against other player’s attacks when completing missions in this game.
Follow the suggested missions to build up your city and claim the mission rewards as resources including gold and speed tokens.
Completing these missions will also help you level up and continue to get stronger to expand your city and defend yourself against incoming attacks.

In order to defense against attack just build a solid force through the training grounds and build up your ramparts. And joining an alliance will help defend your island from attack from another player

Try to win the war by building a functioning and flourishing city, so make sure to take time to complete the in-game missions to ensure everything you need is in place and well resourced.

Get more rewards and extra resources and money from every mission you completed.
Make sure your city is fully ready first before going into battling.
Just keep tabs on what Alliances are looking for new members when the chat window is small getting a little too fast to keep a track of at points.
Remember as alliances also have different goals which will be ensuring both passive and aggressive players to join in the social strategy of this game.

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