Super Rare Cards Cheats in Rage of Bahamut on Android

In rage of bahamut game, you can get rare cards is by joining an active order and place in the middle and this will give you a chance to get a card, water and holy powder.

Rage of Bahamut

If you want to get the bonus, you have to register you device then start questing and upgrading.
Just finish the tutorial to get one or two rare cards including free Legend Card packs at level 20 and 40 and a rare card including a SR or Super Rare or SSR such as a Gods Angelic Knight Rare card
Try to get those rare cards in trading such as selling HP of Holy Powder along with CW or Cure Water to be exchanged for rare cards

The best strategy is to trade for rare cards at level 16 and above to get a set of 4 cards then enhance them to earn a card with either a defense or attack level at 10-12k depending on card.

Get 5 of those cards in your deck in order to have about 55-60k attack or defense again depending on cards.
Afterward you have to upgrade to higher rare cards for more advantages.
Those better cards usually appear once in a while through Holy Wars and you have to beat enemies in card battles to get the “Honor points” afterward.

Try to take part in the events and invite some friends in the process so that you can have a chance to get the cards
If you play as demon you will get demon cards and a bonus to attack and defense to all demon cards in your deck.

You have to add a lot of friends to make you stronger and to get more Rupies, Trade items and more Friends points. With this rupies you can level up and enhance your cards to increase its rarity from normal, high-normal, rare to SS Rare and also it can be used to trade to get much better cards

Always take your Referral Code with you, give it to all new players to get more bonuses
You have to put some defense skill points and equip high Defensive Cards then get a card with Defense Skills to enhance your defense

Tips to win a battle in pvp mode all you have to do is to follow these actions
You have to boost your ATK stat to get more power so that you can equip the more cards
Just evolve your card with good ATK damage then enhance it to be stronger
Just add or invite more friends to get more Stat bonus
Just choose the weakest opponent in Battle List. Usually the lower the level and smaller Fellows will be most likely a weak opponent.
Just check your opponent card if their leader has rare card so that they will have more advanced cards

Tips to get free more rupies in rage of bahamut game
Try to complete the quest to get some rupies for every monsters you killed and also get a Treasure Rupies in some quest
You can sell your unused cards in trading area to be exchanged for rupies
Just invite a friend and give your Referral Code to get rupies
Try to get a battle in PVP mode to get 2k rupies or more

Just evolve your cards to be the strongest one in rage of bahamut game
Evolving a card means leveling up its Rarity so that you can simply evolve a card with its exact card by duplicating those cards. If you have the more rare card you will have the more stronger cards
Go to Evolve Page in the “menu”
Just find the list of cards in that page so you can Evolve with those duplicates
Just choose a card and Evolve it ‘with’ the same card then select Evolve
Afterward you can evolve it until three times in which you can find from the stars in the card

Try to get an order bonus in player battles and bonuses to your realm cards when your order builds it.
Try to participate in events and earn powerful event-only cards.
You have to concentrate on your attribute points only in stamina or at least mainly until a certain level for having more for attack and defense

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