Money Cheats in Devil`s Attorney on Android

When playing devil`s attorney game, be sure to free all of your clients to get the money and win about 58 challenging cases to complete
You can spend the money for winning cases to buy new items clothes accessories and new furniture for your apartment

Devil`s Attorney guides

Doing so will add points to either your Materialism, Decadence, or Vanity tracks, which are essentially your skill trees, with new courtroom abilities unlocked as you spend more.
With your money you can also be boosting your ego and unlocking new courtroom skills in the process.

Always read what the prosecutor’s special attacks do, and make sure you’re covered it all.
Try not to make a mistake and attack the experts and go after the evidence.
Get the inspiring move as soon as possible as it will regenerate your health.

Try to unleash attacks that directly damage witnesses, lawyers or evidence and to reduce their attack power, render them inert, or recover your own health.
Note that each ability needs action points, and when you run out of action points, your turn ends and the other side gets to take their turn.

Try to survive through to the end to get your life to lawyer another day
Try to get to trace your way up a skill tree by adding new furniture to Max’s apartment in order to gain abilities in this game

In this game you will have a certain number of action points to use, and a variety of skills that you can spend them on.
Try to batter down the number of a credibility rating or health points of the prosecution team to zero with cross examinations, evidence tampering, patronising, or one of your other skills, and you’ll take them out of the equation altogether.

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