Vena Cheats in Advena on Android

When playing advena game, you merely select between 5 unique heroes at any time and any situation with playable party members
Be sure to coordinate your team strategy amongst multiple classes with specialized abilities including a mix of melee, ranged, casters and healers

Advena guides

Direct your intelligent AI engine partners to heal, defend or teamstrike with customizable AI controls.
See every strike with stellar clarity in over 200 different stages and an extensive world map
Fight against the other players in PvP or work with them in fight club and mercenary system to form powerful Raid Teams.

Make sure not to let enemies surround you and stand to one side and unleash the button-bashing fury.
If you are trapped in a corner with one character just switch to another in your party and let the AI get your character out of there so you can escape from that area.

In order to get a skill point, after getting some vena follow the cheat for skill by new type.
Then go the the market and purchase skill initializer.
Use that initializer and you will have the 99 point as your skill point.

Tips to get unlimited free money fast in advena game
Just hire a mercenary of the same level as yours
When hiring them try to take his equipment off and sell it
Keep repeating that action to reach your goal of having the desired amount of money.

If above steps did not work out try to use these following actions to get money quickly
Click on sell
Select 1 potion but do not sell
Search 1
Then change to 2
Search 2
Go back and forward until finding the address
Change to a very high value
Lock ad sell

Guides to get free vena items in advena game android
Just search the amount of gold with the particular item costs such as elite mercenary tickets with a cost 2500 as well as a bunch of other items with particular vena
Search for 2500 to make a bunch of values appear.

Then change those values to 0. So you will be able to buy any item with price 2500 vena for 0 vena.
The number 35 values comes up and try to change all values to 0 so that a bunch of vena items with the price 2500 became 0.
If you use gameguardian the address for the 60 slot bag is 0x01D1C1A4. So change the value to 0.
It looks like the exact values change everything then open the game again.
The values are typically within the top 15 values.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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