How to Complete Level 1 to 35 Game Doors Android

Doors Room Escape Game is a puzzle game that needs to be solved cleverly as the the puzzle will be at certain difficult levels need to be found a way out to pass the game successfully.

Game Doors

This game contains 35 doors level in that every level will give specific different difficulties that will grow harder to solve
Dooors 1: Just tap the door to open it.
Dooors 2: Tilt your phone left to roll the ball to open the second door.
Dooors 3: Tilt your phone again to the left in order to get the key under the ball to open the door.

Dooors 4: Pull the handle hanging on the left side then tap the door when it is still opened before the door closed.
Dooors 5: After you see the knob tap the left-most lamp then use it to open the door.
Dooors 6: Turn on six green lamps above the door by tapping the little glowing on the left.

Dooors 7: Color the pattern on the door, top and bottom left, and middle right
Dooors 8: Pick a red thing above the plant and select it from the inventory to slide the door open.

Dooors 9: There are two doors need to be moved at different speed.
You need to make it open at the same time and hit the green area at the same time.
The key, tap the right door so the circular cutout.
Just keep trying to get a succeeded output.

Dooors 10: Shake the screen to calm the fire and take the burnt wood and take the crank from underneath.
Then, you need to tap the plant on the left few times to move it so you can seen the middle circle on the wall.
You need to slip the wood and turn it to open the door.
The five other levels will just be the same that need you to be thoroughly see the room.

Dooors 11: Put the red knobby thing in the hole above the middle door then tap the door to open it.
Dooors 12: you need to match the card symbol to the circle.
If the symbol upside-down, it means that they are in the different color of what they normally be.
The first heart on the left is upside down so it would be black instead of red, same as the spade thats upside down, it would be red instead of black

Dooors 13: Tilt back to unlock the door.
After you open the door, take the flaming stick to burn the spider web, then you can walk through.
Dooors 14: door needs to be arranged with the knob to have the same shape with the marking above the door.

Dooors 15: There is a bomb in the left corner of the screen tap it and it will pop up in your supplydock tap it again and place it in front of the door.
Tap the torch and light the bomb, the bomb will explode and leave marks on the sides of the door.
Now, pull the left handle once, then the right handle once, then the left handle three times, then the right handle two times.

Dooors 16: The sixth door need you to mimic the phone just the same way with the man.
You need to face your phone down until the mark above the door turn green, now you can open the door.

Dooors 17: The seventeenth door, you will see a rock.
Tilt your phone slide the rock; there is a light switch, turn it off.
You will see the word E and T.
Turn the hand on the left dial eleven and the right hand dial seven.
The red line will turn green you can open the door.

Dooors 18: Tap the red button so that the door can open.
Each ball will open only a half of the door.

Dooors 19: Slide the right and left door upward.
Take the orange ball and tape each the white circle to turn it green, then slide the both door back down.
Select the orange ball and tap the light on the ceiling to throw it at it and turn it green.
You can slide up the door.

Dooors 20: Dial the right to reflect the left, then you can open the door.
The circles are mirror images of each other.
The smoke is just to make it harder.
Just match the two top, the two middle and the two bottom

Dooors 21: Tilt your phone so the tank of the water hit the green and the red bar turn green.
You need to face down the phone so it will not lock again.

Dooors 22: Open the tile and take the magnifying glass.
Then see the back of the right tiger, you will find some fruit.
Put the orange ball on the top in orange fruit color.

Dooors 23: Find the white circle by tapping the left plant and move over the ball to the right.
After the white circle turn green, move the gate in order to open the door by slide it left.

Dooors 24: Light both the fire.
Then pull each handle twice from the rightmost to the left and back again from the right.

Dooors 25: Look at the Japanese flag use the magnifying glass, there is number 2, 5, 6, 2.
Tap the things on the floor and follow the numbers appearing on the flag before.
It is finished then, but there is still updated version that you can get.

Dooors 26: there is a ladder the need to be moved to left.
Tap the chain and pull the handle, the door will move open and stop it by pulling the right handle.

Dooors 27: Feed the mouth in order based on how many times the color appears on the wall.
There will be a red, blue, yellow and green balls drop onto the floor at the beginning.
You touch it with your finger and slide it over to the lower part of the door.
The bottom part of the door had a rectangle with teeth.
The door eats each of the colored balls when you slide them over to it.
You have to put them in order this order, yellow, blue, red, green.
There is 1 yellow, the sun, there are 2 blues, the flowers, there are 3 reds, the flowers and there are 4 greens, the leaves.
Once you put them in this correct order, again that is, yellow, blue, red, green, the door will slide open for you.

Dooors 28: Tilt the phone to move balloon to the right and raise your volume then follow the instruction on the screen.
Dooors 29: Pick up the machete to chop the vines.
Then pick the key by sliding the two white doors to open the door in the middle.

Dooors 30: Turn the penguins to face each other.
The rest are the five final doors.

Dooors 31: Tilt your phone upside down until the marks turn green.
Dooors 32: Tilt the phone to move the rock on the red button then use the torch on the bees, now open the door.
Dooors 33: You need to cut the cable with the machete and slide the door to follow the picture of the rabbit and the duck.

Dooors 34: See the clue on the wall using the magnifying glass, before that you need to move the plant first.
Tilt the phone in the direction of each clock to open the door.

Dooors 35: The last door will need you to read the word on the wall, but you need to open the light first.
You must count the letter of each word and arrange the thing on the floor on the same number of the letter on each word.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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