New Cards Cheats Gang Domination Android

In order to get free cards in gang domination game, you must complete quests and defeat rival gangs
Try to face-off against friends to rule the streets

Gang Domination

Collect and discover more than 200 artistically designed and highly-detailed cards
Recruit each gang member represented by its own card.
Play solo or team up with friends in the Story mode or having battle among other players in PvP Player Versus Player mode.

Choose between 3 factions and increase your gangs influence within the faction.
Combine special cards to make them stronger and gather powerful Tattoos that will grant new powers and abilities.
Try to collect new cards daily through a variety of virtual lottery machines and also try to discover rare and powerful cards

Try to accomplish social activities to get points that you can spend on new cards.
Just ally with friends and get their cards to help you defeat Bosses.

Guides to get and evolve cards to be strong cards in gang domination game
When the chapters go on in the story portion of the game, it will take a lot of energy to complete one single task.

Usually you go back and replay old chapters though, so that you will need some more cards to use as fodder for the fusion portion of the game
Try to go to the first and second chapters for the missions with 2 energy points needed as a cost
Just use them to get more cards to merge into your strong cards.

When fusing cards at the first time, just fuse as many material cards into a base card at one time as possible in order to save a lot of zennies.
If the base card is in the higher a level, it will cost the more zennies for each card that you want to fuse into it.
Thus try to do the same thing to reach level up and strengthen your cards rapidly.

When being in battle mode, players are grouped by level, so take the gigantic reward bonus by completing the tutorial in order to max out your cards in which it will barely make a dent compared to all the respect points that you got, and then merge all of them into 3 cards.
Try to do the same thing again with 3 more cards and do the same thing again with 4 cards.
By doing so you will have an powerful battle team and become unbeatable in battles arena.

Tips to grow gang larger quickly in gang domination game
Go to the bottom option bar on the screen to click on More
Another larger menu will pop up after clicking it
Find the Contacts button then click it
Just add all six of the contacts recommended by the game for you
By doing steps above you will grow your gang much larger quickly.
Besides you can win boss battles easily because you can borrow your friends cards for free.

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