Gems Coins Cheats Kingdom and Dragons Android

Try to get more gems to unlock new characters in kingdom and dragons game
Gems and coins are the currencies of this game but you gems is the primarily needed to unlock new characters including Robin the Bowmaster or Rose the Enchantress, which costs over 80 or 120 Gems respectively.

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So build up your kingdom and win in every battle to earn ,more currencies as bonus reward
Choose your hero then start building

In the beginning of the game, you will select your hero such as Templar, Bowmaster, or Enchantress
Alan the Templar bears a passing resemblance to Final Fantasy III’s Luneth.

As you build your settlement up, it will get better to gear for Alan, Robin, and Rose then send them further afield, so that you will have a great proportion of having the action and city-building portions nicely.

Once selecting one of them, you have to try so hard to level up your character`s skills and forge mythical garments to maximize your power in order to battle enemies that threaten your kingdom.

On the other side your main goal is to develop your small village and combine city building into a bustling kingdom
However as going through fantasy adventure, you will meet enemies like a couple of Dragons that has to be overcome.

Once getting some coins through the battle, you can upgrade your buildings and get new characters
Afterward you will have to customize your skills to maximize your power then make a progress through the stages and expand your reign

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