How to Get New Cards in Galaxy Assault Android

In galaxy assault game, your main goal is to establish any means necessary to bring peace to the cosmos
Just control over a large number of resources including your army to protect the cosmos

Galaxy Assault android

You have learn to properly utilize them to achieve victory over an endless series of opponents.
Focus on the stories that lie behind each action
Remember as a task is made a lot easier by the extremely detailed cards representing your holdings.

These cards can be combined with each other to enhance their power, which in turn enhances your overall war effort.
Choose which chars that you want from three warring factions including the human Coalition, the parasitic Swarm, and the ancient Elders
Get your army equipped with unique weapons and powerful machines ranging from flamethrowers to huge mechs and spacecrafts

Get a battle other players for glory and take control of the galaxy
Get a experience fast-paced, action-packed card battle gameplay with an immersive storyline
Try to explore untamed parts of the galaxy for resources to fuel your rise to power in this game
Try to combine fighters and equipment then upgrade your soldiers and equipment as well
Just collect Equipment such as mechs, tanks or weaponry and Fighters or pilots.
Build a deck from the collection, consisting of 9 equipment paired with 9 fighters in which different equipment combines better with different fighters.

As a fighter you have to modify equipment with combat-values in Assault, Tactic and Support based upon positive or negative percentage in each category.

Create deck building with skills of the fighters to get interesting one in that it will modify the battle numbers even further, when several conditions are fulfilled including piloting a special type of equipment.
Get equipment and fighters to be in fusion or scraping other cards of the same type for XP as it can gain levels up.

Try to challenge other players to test your own deck and win credits. Remember that the battle will be resolved automatically and the victory reward for the battle will be based on the difficulty of the opponent.

Tips to beat the bosses in galaxy assault game
Remember not to use fuel capsules every time they are available to refill the fuel as every getting a new level it will be automatically refilled. So you have to wait several minutes to reach a level then use the fuel after depleting the bonus fuel of the new level.

Try to hail other players to collect schematics and pods that will be unlimited the allied players.
Always spare your battle energy capsules when fighting against the bosses and save as many battle energy capsules before going into battle with the bosses.

You will get a small battle energy capsule as a reward to make the first attack and try to defeat the boss with three or less energy as every energy will be recovered normally or it can be “converted in battle” to capsules and saved for later in the event. So make sure to stock up on battle energy capsules for later event if your deck is strong enough.

Pour three energy into your first hit with 5x multiplier to get more likely to attract aid and help you send out calls for aid during times when there is heavier traffic. Beside try to observe when others players ask for aid to get an idea when the most people are playing the game.

Guides to get cards in galaxy assault game
All cards types in Galaxy Assault have a special rarity that is shown by number and color on the card
Common card is shown in blue bordered with number 1
Uncommon card is shown in blue bordered with number 2
Rare card is shown in gold bordered with number 3 which
Super Rare is shown in bronze bordered with number 4

The rarer a card is a stronger stats and the higher level capacity that can lead to more enhancing. Common, Uncommon and Rare cards can be won gotten from the conquer mode
Super rare cards can only be won in special cardpods.
These can be purchased for 100 Schematics or white pod, 1 Medal or bronze pod, oder Mobacoin or gold pod and erhältlich.
So try to get the gold pods or Mobacoin to guarantee rare or super rare cards in this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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