Clues to Solve Mystery in The Abandoned School Android

Here, you will be guided to explore the clues completely to find solution of how to accomplish every stage of this game

the abandoned school 2

Use the entire smart phones functionality to complete the quest.
Try to touch the abject more than once, change the order, move around the room
Shake or tilt phone to avoid obstacles.
See more clues and finally complete the quest after sunset.
School Gate: Click warning sign 3 times and Click chain 5 times then Click metal gate 6 times
Stairway: Get rid of flies by clicking and move side by side and see change of picture then click photos on the floor and see the change.
Shake the phone to drop spider shows on top.
Try to find out the hidden layer on this stage

School Gate Level 1
In the beginning just tap warning sign 3 times
Tap chain 5 times
Tap metal gate 6 times
Now the gate will open and you can enter the school to find out the other clues and to unlock each stage level in this game

Stairway Level 2
Try moving from the right then to the left continuously until a man in front of you appears
Here you have to keep watching the two pictures on the floor until the third person appears and kill the flies
Note that the woman’s hair will get longer twice the you have to tap on it numerous times until it changes.
Afterward try to look left to right quickly until the wall photo is gone until and seeing a shadow at the end of the stairs then the spider will crawl down on the screen.
Just keep shaking or tapping screen until the spiders disappear

Hallway Stage Level 3
Enter the room and click on the notepad flip 5 pages then color on it.
After statues appear you need to click to rub the statues from left to right until the far right head turns red
Try to draw or coloring or scratch the blackboard opposite side of the room a few times
By doing so the screen will get darker and once that dark shaded you have to keep drawing on the half covered lady
Now you will move on to the next stage.

Click the window, the florescent light, the basketball, and the button on the far right side of the screen.
When doing that action try repeating this in different orders.
Hit until the window cracks, the light shatters, and at some point the button should remain red.
Continue to click the basketball, while clicking the darkness ahead of the basketball and clicking the symbols underneath the button.
Now you should see eyes
Look all the way on the right then hit the light until it turns red.
Look your left then break the window and break the lite on the ceiling.
Hit the basketball 2 times to get a bat eye appeared.

Counselor`s Room Stage 4
After opening the door,you will see a lady’s figure.
Tap on that figure several times until you see a shadow of a pair of legs dangling from the top.
Try to press the piece of paper on the floor
Just rub that paper until the word ‘hate’ comes out
Now press the tv in several times until it breaks and you have to be careful for shocks when doing that
Tap the door at the back of room until it opens
Tap on a book on the table several times until there is a chop on it.

Restroom Level Stage 5
Try to tap toilet door in order to see a silhouette of a girl in the distance.
Tap the bottle to roll on the floor, until the a figure comes up in front of you.
Tap the figure so that her eyes will be revealed.
Tap one more time to get her disappeared.
Afterward click the tap on the sink so that the blood will flow from the tap to fill the sink.
Now tap the mirror until it breaks then tap some more to finish.

The Art Room Level 6
Just tap on the window
Try to eliminate the moths
Wait for 3 minutes until the spider finally came out on the art room level

Infirmary Stage Level 7
Try to slide the screen from the eye test graph on the right to the screen on the left
Move it from left to right to make a silhouette behind the screen appear on the left
Remember not to touch the drip bottle yet but tap the silhouette to appear a figure on the screen.
Touch the appeared figure once to make it disappear.
To get the eye test graph on the screen dissolved you have to tap it 4 times then pull the rope a few times and a head pops down.
To get this solved now turn your phone or tablet upside down until you face the figure head to head.
Now get the head disappeared by simply tapping it.
Afterward turn your phone or tablet back to normal then tap the drip bottle a few times until it cracks so that you can complete this level successfully.

Infirmary stage solution above is taken from Isabella SLL and you can check the other stage answers from her including in hallway, art room and rest room that are discussed on the comment section

Science Room Stage 8
Just tap on the 4th test tube glass to pick it from the locker
Tap until it breaks.
Worms will come out.
Tap human that stays on screen.
Keep tapping human until hand cracks glass.
Then you will move on.

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