Money Cheats in A Story of A Band on Android

Try to be popular rock band quickly in a story of a band game
Choose well balanced members than having specialized members.

A Story of A Band

Write an album and start touring in order to have your carrier climb up.
Keep focusing on that first album and touring to earn more money and to keep your bands rocking.
Always remember as your yearly payments are paid in February.

Try to gain an extra money by working on and releasing a new album around July – August and do touring as well.

Stay alert of your finances as once in the red zone it will be pretty difficult to recover.
During touring try to use your band’s boosts as soon as the tour starts and always play it safe

Always remember not to go for the encore boost unless you are 100% sure you can still meet the requirements at the end of the tour

Try to avoid interviews while touring that will tire your band members and always have some boosts at hand.

Always prepare some boosts at hand and never hesitate to use them when the situation asks for it.
Always improve your band’s members constantly by leveling them up as much as possible without taking a risk to run out of money when February comes and keep them training the skills they will not be good at.

Try to avoid the battling among other bands until you are ready and have built up your band members or you should not accept a battle as soon as it is unlocked.

Always pay attention to working on albums and any contracts that are offered for your band.
Only aim to get contracts with performance bonuses and try to meet those requests to get even more money.

Remember only write songs related to your music genre then match it with a good arrangements
Keep working hard by releasing albums and touring until you get to the top.
Make sure to get the Road Crew upgraded then take part and win music festivals.

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