How to Get Fast Energy Refill and Coins Campers on Android

Tips to refill energy and get auto collect coins in campers game
Search and find the coins and xp behind the house
Move away the house after collecting coins and xp then move back again the house.

campers plants android

Always draw lines on the screen to guide your campers.
Try to draw a line to collect hp and coins.
Remember as the campers energy runs out so fast
When two campers build the same thing together it still takes the same amount of time
Make sure to have your camper take a nap for energy refill or assign a task then come back to work.

How to accomplish goal in campers game
You have to get the campers to pick up the items
You have to explore new areas
You have to build up the campground
You have to increase the number of campers
You have to discover every animal and fun mini game.

Tips to get free premium arrowheads in campers game
Search out and find various objects to complete quests such as animals and anything else giving you a reward to complete quests.

Because doing so arrowheads will come up to the ground randomly.
Go hurry and lead one of your campers to pick up the arrowheads to be put in your arsenal.
Go to the top of the screen then go next to where your arrowheads are counted.

Click the add button next to the arrowhead counter in order to buy arrowheads with various arrowhead packages that you can buy.

Look also a button on that screen says Get More Arrowheads Free, in the far left area on the selection.
Tap on the Free button to show you a bunch of free offers.
Try to sign up or log into Tapjoy.

Try to access a whole wealth of other free offers with no credit card offer because every single one of them involves downloading and running and/or playing a new app.
Now get the app played at once
Go back to Campers then check your arrowhead payment in your arsenal.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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