Gold Money Cheats in Kingdoms At War Android

Just purchase a building on a newly explored land and get the troops or spies for level 1 to fill the building fully.
They will remain at 500 or 525 until you wait for it to get full regenerate.

Kingdoms At War

Selling a building will give you a refund of 20% of the money you have put into the building.
But remember you lose all of your troops provided by that building.
Rebuild the building and they will not be full until you wait for it to fully regenerate.

Attack or steal from another kingdom to get gold.
Remember you will not attack people way better always scout them first and assasinate their troops so when you make a full on attack they won’t have many soldiers

Terms farming is attacking repeatably and noob is someone that is not very good like having low stats or not a lot of victories

If you want to win attacks easily assassinate the guy 4 times then attack and keep doing this.
Do not go attacking better players
Do not go on world chat that is putting yourself in front of kaw players from around the world and pretty much asking for a beating

Join a clan before you go on world chat as they are real people on teams and if you need help in epic battles ask them for help and go on clan chat to talk with them and have items from the kaw marketplace to give you more attack and defense power

After you begin your kingdom you will need to defend it and be able to attack to fight back or offend another kindom for whatever your reason.

Build guilds to get a fast start of forever much gold.
They give the most gold of everything.
Attack building 1 only to double your plunder to get bigger build level 3 or level 4
Do a lot of quests to get unlimited gold
Fight in epic battles and you get a lot of money especially when you are doing origins or evanescence

Do epic battles and then get a good minion and do epic battle again and keep doing this in months so you will be rich

Grow by doing epic battles, quests, attacking, and hiring allies to get money fast.
If you want easy money, look for someone to volley peeps then hire back and forth someone
Keep on stealing from shakonnan his spy attack and defense is 0, and you will get a lot of gold.

Upgrade your main castle with land complete building complete meaning you have to have all 25 of the lowlands unlocked and have a building on each land.
Then it costs 4 billion to upgrade it.
And it gives: 40,000 to att/def 30,000 to spy att/def access to spells

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