How to Get ID Card and Money Cheats for The Great Fusion Android

If you want to get a bank job and get out of the beach in the great fusion game, be sure to follow these instructions
Take gum and mobile phone to inventory
Open the drawer and take the piece of gum.

great fusion

Use your mobile phone to call friend that he will tell you to meet him in a bar.
Pick up your mobile phone then add it to your inventory.

Then, get out of apartment by passing the landlady
Talk to Gladys to your apartment but you have to pay your rent first to her. So do this tricks to get out of apartment without paying rent

1. Take a business card from the desk.
2. Open your inventory by sliding the white tab on the left to the right then drag the business card to your phone to add Gladys’ phone number to it.
3. Go back to your apartment to call Gladys and tell her she has won a prize for being a horrible landlady.
4. Choose pizza as the prize in order for her to leave to pick it up.
5. By doing so you can exit the building then take the mop.

To get your id card in this game, you need a photo, a broom, a cable and a hook.
Just go to the subway to talk to the mechanic for his jimmy, then go to the bar and talk to the barman
He will ask you for a decoder in exchange for a sandwich.
Talk to Johnny to get alcohol then use it to bribe the detective in front of your apartment
Get the decoder from junk and go back to the bar to install it in the telly.
Get the tea bag from the kitchen and the sandwich then go to the subway to give it to the mechanic.
Take the jimmy to break in the car in front of the police station in order get a camera, then go to the office to make tea with the coffee machine.
Use the camera on Bill, then give him tea and the camera again.
Cut the photo with the scissor next to Bill.
Get the broom in right outside your apartment, and buy a hook with the money you get from boss’s wallet in the dock.
Take the plastic gloves in the dock and take the cable next to the back door of the bar.
Combine three of them and throw it on the guard.
Stick your photo with the chewing gum on the ID

To get the bank job, talk to Johnny or whoever the big guy in the bar
Give the man at the black market the fish bowl used with the glue, marker, and mask.
Make sure you have the robot arm and that the mechanic at the subway has already cut holes in the metal pot.
Now you are at the bank.

After having bank job just sell a kidney at the market to get a disc
And go back to your apartment to check it
Then give it to the pirate at the dock

Changing the pot to get a costume of the bank job is by giving the pot to the man working in subway then he will make two hole in it.
Make that guy poo by giving camera to repairman at subway then ask him to make holes in pot.

In order to get the fishbowl and cut electricity, be sure to get a cup of water from the office and tip it on the electricity point
To get out of the beach, just drink the cocktail and complain to the waitress then talk to woody about a job in order to get an option to talk about the waitress
Make a complaint at the waitress then go to woody to get the poem from him.
Try giving Larry the flowers and a poem to seduce the waitress and get a job as a waiter.

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