Crystal Gold Coins Cheats in Empire Defense 2 Android

Just play the Story or Arena to get more experience and Crystals
Find Crystal to hire new General, Soldiers and buy items

Empire Defense 2

Play with other players to unlock the Quest arena
Earn Golds by doing the quest or winning the Arena

Always get General equipped with armors and weapons
Use or consume necklace and potion items at one time

Familiarize with the terrain and set your defense with advantage
Get range attacker as the best unit to put in tower to get advantage with the range

Play this game everyday to get Free Crystal in the Arena
Finish the Mission to get more Golds

You need Horse to get more moves
Get hurry to collect the Free Crystals per 6 hours or your enemy will steal them

Make and place good formation of The Monk, Crossbow and Archer to surprise the enemy
Anticipate your Enemy

Use Spearman and Archer combination
Use Spearman across the path
Put your Hero at the Middle to attack its Range

Hero Class Range in Empire Defense 2 on Android
Liubei is the weakest Hero good for startup. Remember to use him till level 10
Guaniui is a better than liubei but skip him and save your money for other hero
Zhangfu is good health and damage attack but slow. Better to get this after Liubei
Zhaogun – skip this
Zheyaliang is good leardership and skill but low attack damage. Better skip this.
CaoCao is to balance stats and great skill. Get this after Zhanfu
Xianwuluin is the same with caocao but a bit expensive

How to Find Soldier and Win in the Arena in Empire Defense 2 game
Get your Best General and equip it with your best Item.
Hire soldiers with Air And Ground attacks
Find a player with Low Honor and ranking
Find a player with more crystals but in lower rank
Learn with the terrain and take advantage with your Soldiers
Always win than get nothing in order to get an opponent with less crystal but Low Honor

How to Get Unlimited Crystals Coins in Empire Defense 2 game
Purchase in the shop in exchange with real money
Install affiliate App for Free Crystals
Complete the Quest in the Arena
Play daily in get the Free Crystals per 6 hours
Battle and win any players in the Arena
Play the Story quest and finish the game

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