Crystals Cheats in Miracle City on Android

How to get crystals in miracle city game
Do not want to pay crystals then wait till you level up enough to get it unlocked to pay with coins.
Remember when you level up your castle your lands get bigger so good there as well.

Miracle City

Do not try to get crystals very often and can take forever to earn items that are so high priced.
Just buy crystals in order to have cool stuff and to complete some goals.

Features of Miracle City Game Android
A huge variety of adorable buildings and decorations makes up a gorgeous city view in an easy arrangement.

Crops in Miracle City are imperishable, so you can drop in and harvest them at any time you like.
Complete goals to win extra rewards.

Unique “Happiness” concept – Place more decorations when you build more shops, so your citizens will be happy and pay more tax.

Help friends and send them gifts will bring you gifts in return, and you can increase their values by boosting your gifts before open them.
Redesign as you like without any delay in harvest.

Strategy to attract citizens in miracle city android
Just do growing crops, building houses, and mining
Playing daily to gain money and energy to develop your city.
Create a good decorations to please your citizens and to make them work harder and more efficiently.
Visiting and helping your friends more often to receive gifts
Always help from them to get the development of your city accelerated.

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