How to Get More Points Tricks in Paper Toss Android

When throwing paper in paper toss game, just press “submit best” and click the paper then do your best shot in order to add more points. Besides if you only make the next shot you will still get that points

Paper Toss guides

If you miss when throwing object on the desk try to hit it in order to get both in
Remember when the wind is 5.00 or up try to throw it in the same way so to make the wind go then your paper ball will spin

Try to type surrender you to make every shot in.
You only need a little bit of left or right adjustment when the wind is around 1.0 or less.
However if the wind is over 1.0 or higher and you will need to launch from an exponentially higher angle.
Try to flick wads of paper into the office trash can rightly to score more points.

Play online with logging in your Facebook, Twitter or Game Center friends, email contacts, or random opponents from around the world.
So just out toss the other player over three rounds in order to win the game and get score points.

You can also toss watermelons, grenades and other stuff
Just choose from several levels of difficulty the more difficult the more points you will get
Always remember as the more heavier an object is then the less it will be affected by the wind speed.
So always stay aware as even though that object is even large shapes or having an uneven shape, it can still be heavily affected as well.

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