How to Get Rare Cards and Gil in Deity Wars Android

In order to get gil and enhance R RR SR SSR cards stronger, be sure to join pvp battle
Alongside you can have great opportunity of how to win in guild wars as well.

deity wars card tricks

Focus more on getting R, RR, SR, SSR cards
Collect the elixirs firstly to acquire those cards quite easily

You can level up your cards by getting materials firstly so it will help you to increase your attack deck or your defense deck

Although enhancing the cards is necessary getting material is also important to get full power so if you do all levels you get a bonus material.

Get battle in more boss fights for rare cards and special quests and guild wars between 4 guilds.
The boss raids allow for fun battles with large amounts of players and with each one dead another possible rare card could be in your hand.

Collect and trade new cards, advance through quests, raise your cards then fight raid bosses with your allies.

Boost your cards with Material treasures to make them more powerful and unique
Team up with friends to defeat dangerous world bosses
Build or join a guild and battle for the #1 spot in the world!
Defeat mighty enemies with your friends and acquire fabulous rewards

Enhancing a card before evolving the materials first will not give the card a permanent bonus.
Get allies as fast as you can then check for raid bosses they have in fight so you can get free card packs for help

Bring a card to max level to customize your cards.
Get to raid monsters will give you alot of chances for rare cards.

Join guilds war and pvp battle withn your team to get special card pack tickets.
Just apply for Allies because the more allies you have the more Raid Boss help requests you will get

First attack is free so make good use of it because once the boss is defeated you will get a raid ticket with very little chance of you getting R.

Add materials to cards to make them stronger. You get those materials from enhancing cards.
Get as many allies as you can in order to help you in your boss battles give a rewards for helping them in theirs.

Do not use your materials on below 3 stars
Enhance your card to get better materials at Max evolved and always assist with RaidBoss to get free goodies.

Raising a cards level by feeding it other cards. So it will gain additional attack and defense.
Get your a card hit at maximum level to get material which can be added to a cards open slots. Material provides an additional boost to a cards attack or defense.

Enhance your cards using 10 feeders at a time.
For example, say it costs 1,000 Gil to enhance using one card, but only 100 Gil for each additional card in a single enhancement.

Feeding 10 cards in one batch would then cost 1900 Gil, while the cost of feeding them individually would exceed 10,000 Gil because the base cost increases with level.

Always use the special enhancer Kujata to save Gil when your cards will nearly get through maximum level. It is because Kujata cards come in various rarities, and provide much more experience than regular feeder cards.

Increase attack or defense for a specific element during pvp battles to get a cards skill and to increase to the next level.

Use referral code LBC6038 to win a Legend Card Pack Ticket and to gain some special points
Collect a treasure while questing in order to unlock a rare material.

Always aim for the treasures when Pv Ping as it is worth it in all cases.
Make sure to place Phantom Boxes on treasure

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