How to Get Upgrader The Dragon Lode in Ninja Royale Android

Just select the faction you would like to join with your ninja then pick one of the clans that represents your style the most.

Ninja Royale

Learn to navigate the main screen of the game including the features of the challenge inbox, mission screen, battle screen, collections and events.

Tap on the Missions button, then on the first mission to be taken to the main gameplay area.
Tap on the Go button to send the ninja around the area completing the mission as he goes.
Go to your first Special Mission, which needs just a bit more effort than just tapping on a small button.

The first mission is a simple target battle. Target battles only require in tapping on the targets to throw shurikens at them.

After doing first special mission a results screen with a final grade score will be given to show you how many combos you performed, your takedown grade and more. Besides you may need to tap on enemies to throw shurikens at them, or swipe along the screen to swing your sword in another mission.

Find a treasure chest in the area while attempting to complete a mission. Tap on it to open it and obtain a collection item.

After completing a few missions, you will come across your first boss battle which can be difficult, and revolve around you using the skills you learned in the special missions to take them on.

How to defeat the boss is to slash and tap on the boss as they fly all around the screen.
Wait until the boss is standing still for a few seconds, and use that time to strike.

How to Win Battling Other Ninjas in Ninja Royale
Tap on the Battle button to be taken to the screen where you can choose the username of the players with the levels.
Make sure you are on equal ground or an advantage.

Add additional items to your arsenal before battle.
Sharpen your skills before taking on a seasoned ninja.
Get XP and coins after finishing all the battles so you can use to purchase items later on.

Collect points to get ninja suits.
You can equip extra-powerful clan gear when you join a clan

Find 5 event treasures in a series in black chests appearing during missions then points will be awarded for collecting all 5 during the event.

How to get event treasures is to find on the path with the players most recent mission, and on the path immediately preceding it.

In addition, players can battle other ninjas and steal their treasure, and have their treasure stolen by others.
There are a total of 3 event treasure collections.
But remember treasures in completed collections cannot be stolen.

How to win points is to acquire 1 event treasure in a battle mission then complete an event treasure collection

How to Complete Collections and Gear in Ninja Royale
Your first collection is in the completion of the first mission which earns you extra gear you can use in battle.

Tap on the avatar of your ninja at their profile screen where you can add gear, view stats and even change their clan if you wish.
Tap on the tools icon at the bottom of the screen to check a list of gear added to your ninja.

Completing an item, such as a compass, will give you more of a chance for completing a battle successfully when equipped.

Any gear you use in a battle can also be upgraded with items you pick up in missions. Upgrade the compass item with using dragon rock.

View your gear in the profile screen, and then selecting it to be upgraded. Upgrading gear will boost your characters statistics giving you more chances in battle.
Clan gear can be upgraded with dragon gem and zeny.
The zeny is required for upgrades varies from item to item.

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