How to Get Weapons and Rent Properties in Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas

When playing pirates of the caribbean master of the seas, upgrading your weapons is the primary factor to fight your opponents and to win the battle.
So purchasing weapons is a very important aspect to accomplish the game mission successfully

Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas for iPhone

Search and tap on the “Items” button at the top right of the game screen.
You will be lead to a store menu where you can see the cost in gems or gold for each weapon price.
Some items are locked as you will have to get level up before these items are available for you to purchase.

You will get most of your weapons when you complete quests as many require you to purchase a weapon before you can complete them.
Next tap on your name at the bottom of the game screen to see your weapons inventory either old or new one. This will bring up a summary menu showing all your stats and show all the weapons in your arsenal.

How to get properties and collect rent in pirates of the caribbean master of the seas
See For Sale signs scattered around the second island which are properties you can purchase and collect rent from.
You will earn a different profit from each property you own and at different intervals ranging from half an hour to days. Just remember if you wait for long time you will get the payout higher.

Once you purchase a property a countdown clock will appear.
When it is time to collect a spinning gold coin will appear over it. You will receive a message after you pushed notifications enabled to you in which it will tell you that you are out of the game letting you know it is time to collect rent on your property.

Tap on the building to collect property and you will be taken to a collection screen.
Tap on Collect Gold if you have just one property

Tap on Collect from all Properties if you have several properties on the island.
You can also sell the property from this screen if you wish but you will only earn back half of the purchase price if you sell it back.

Once you have collected your funds the timers begin and the process will start all over again.
There is no limit to the number of properties you can purchase
This is a great way to earn extra income for your quests if you have a lot of properties.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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