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Gladiators Call of Arena is a cross combination between a MOBA and Clash of Clans where you build a team of gladiators, each with their own specific class of weapon
Then, you can play in single player, PvP modes as well as managing your town and perform in the theater.

gladiators call of arena guides

In the way of getting better gladiators, you have to upgrade the Tavern as much as possible
So if you have higher upgraded level, you will have more upgrades that you can do to it.
Meanwhile, you have to use your free refreshes as often as possible so that you can maximize your potential list of gladiators that you can recruit.

Battles are pretty easy during the game as you will simply direct your gladiators towards whoever you want them to attack in arena.

To do the battle, try to target one enemy at a time with all three of them in order to start nullifying enemy attacks as fast as you can.
At the same time, you can also use your special move as often as possible for maximum effectiveness.

Anyway, try to train players before going to battle.
Battles here are generally organized by fame, then if you can get past a certain level which is around 17-20, the pairings get skewed.
Furthermore, you can either level yourself up to around 30-40, or start playing with a fame avoidance strategy.

Some facets to an avoidance strategy will be there, but it will better not to engage in single-player campaign battles, not to participate in the theatre that you have to do for fame purposes and not to collect from your treasury as that, too, will earn you fame.

Remember not to collect from your quests either, if they involve fame.
In line with this, this is kind of the equivalent of the Clash of Clans trophy-dropping, in which if you decide to raise fame it will be much harder to undo.
On the other side, you can also join up with an alliance as soon as you can, whereby there is quite a bit more gameplay once you do.

Alliance will give you a chance of earning more gems quickly, which are the premium currency of the game, or you can get them on daily battles.
In addition, another good way to earn more gems is to go to the trophy logo in the lower left corner of the screen, that will come to achievements.
At this point, you have to complete those achievements in order to earn more gems, then you can scour the list for the easiest or the quickest assignments as well.

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