Blast Pack Cheats Godzilla Smash 3 on Android

In Godzilla Smash 3 game, you will chain pieces together by drawing a line that connects them along a grid.
If you can chain more pieces, you will deliver Godzilla’s attacks to become the powerful.

godzilla smash 3 guides

Furthermore, every battle in this game will play out in a turn-based fashion, so you have a chance to attack enemies and then they retaliate.
During in the battle, yo must take them out as quickly as possible, because once Godzilla is out of energy, you lose a life.

Few things you should know when matching gems are that blue gems are the weakest, while yellow and orange ones are much stronger.
So try to make sure to match the brighter ones as often as you can for stronger attacks.

On the other side, you can also create Blast Gems by chaining several in a strand.
Because of this, they will blast rows and columns they are associated with, that will make Godzilla’s attacks stronger than before.

Heart gems will let you rebuild lost energy on your health bar.
Therefore, if you are running at 50 percent or less, you will want to go ahead and sacrifice a turn chaining together as many heart gems as possible.
As a result, these will immediately add to your life bar and keep you in the fight much longer.

Atomic gems allow Godzilla to store atomic breath power, in that once this is full, he can unleash a fiery attack on a single enemy, and it is powerful enough to take out his foe in one turn.
At this point, yo can try to save these for tougher enemies like the Muto, or if you are surrounded by several baddies.

In order to earn stars on each stage, you can achieve them by bumping up your score in which up to three stars can be earned on each
And, if you have a specific amount once you reach the gate, you can mosey right through.
Otherwise, you have to replay a stage in order to earn the stars that you did not earn before.

After you have earned stars across each stage, you will be able to level up Godzilla in three key areas including Attack, Defense and Atomic.
Attack increases the damage you do to enemies
Defense protects from attacks
Atomic lets you earn more Atomic Breath power right away.
Thus, try to level up Attack first and then work on the other two next.

In addition, rubble occasionally builds up and stands in your way, which can be an obstacle as it clogs up the board.
For such reasons, you have to try to pair it alongside Blast Gems.

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