Halo Mission Cheats GodZilla Strike Zone on Android

GodZilla Strike Zone features three missions, in which two of them are very similar and all of them will be involving a lot of steering and trial and error mechanics.

godzilla strike zone tips

In halo jump mission, all you have to do here is to tilt your device to avoid the other paratroopers.
So whenever you see the red exclamation mark, you simply tilt the screen in the opposite direction.

Afterward, you will face the second part that is a bit more difficult as you have to go through and past the buildings, some of them falling, so that you have to master the tilting mechanics and tilt downwards to go higher and vice versa.

At the same time, you will see one gap that you will have to go through
Thus, once you have managed to do that, you will get your mission done at once

When going through the last two missions, you will find the route in that you will have to be sure not to fall into electrified water or get stepped on by Godzilla.

You must go really slow in most of the stages and you do not have to run.
When being on a pole and on a rooftop, just go slow one step at a time in order to be safe.
And, remember not to fall into electrified water in all stages.

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