Gold Zen Cheats Zenonia 5 Wheel of Destiny Android

When playing zenonina 5 game, you can choose four brand new characters including Abel the Berserker, Evan the Mechanic, Neal the Wizard, and Ryan the Paladin.

zenonia 5 wheel of destiny walkthrough

Abel is a Berserker which means that he’s a Melee class with a big sword.
Evan is a ranged class with a mechanic weapon like a shooter.
Neal is also a ranged class but with mind energy like a spell caster and crazy energy balls.
Ryan is a Paladin and uses sword and shield.

Just set up other special skills by going to your skill menu then adding them into quick on.
You have to hold your attack button down for a few second in order to charge their weapons right when you begin the game so that it will increase more damage
The third strike will deal the most damage as it is a super move for each character on it if you do not get interrupted by the enemy. The third attack does exceptionally more damage than any normal attacks in this game.
Note that on the quick on menus you need to swipe the circles to switch.

The Zen system which is essentially required for anything good in the game or just to survive.
Try to get then use Zen for the Origin of Life used to revive yourself when you die or lose experience.
You can also use this zen for having a bag slot expansion, scanning scrolls and avatars and other things that are just cool to have in your game.

You have to restore order by defeating the Devil Tribe which started growing in numbers to execute revenge on the humans.
Try to defeat impossible bosses with Origin of Life such as Hades, Salvatore and unravel the mysteries in stunning HD

You can also involve in intuitive visceral combat among four thrilling classes of heroes with the unique strengths and special moves
Take on challenges as you play in asynchronous PvP with characters worldwide online.
Try getting the rewards in the Abyss as you discover rare and legendary items into the mysteries of zenonia 5 game

Simply customize, level up and equip your hero with a massive array of options and skill charts as you delve into the mysteries of Deva Castle
In this game you can explore new worlds and challenges with hundreds of side quests and adventures, the story and challenges never end.

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