Gold AP Supplies Cheats Real Three Kingdoms Android

You can get more gold supplies with taxes from your colonies when playing real three kingdoms game
Winning each battle will be the key to have more colonies in this strategic game
Because of having many colonies, you can collect taxes to earn amounts of gold and supplies.

real three kingdoms tips

So you can use those items to upgrade your castle as quickly as your AP will allow.
Try to unlock Lu Qian with 9999 to double your power level.

Once getting a lot of golds, you can purchase 9999 of every single soldier that can be unlocked to lead you to be literally unbeatable.

Complete your quest to recruit 200 Jang Gan with the gold you have.
With enough gold, you can recruit 9999 Jang Gan that is the maximum number that you can recruit of any one soldier
In addition recruiting 9999 Jang Gan will make you start the game with a power level of at least 99,990.

So join one of the three kingdoms, build up your army, battle against other players from the other two kingdoms and increase your ranking while building up alliances for both peacetime and wartime purchases.

Try to spend all of your AP on battling and destroy everybody who you try to fight.
By doing so most of your opponents will forfeit because they will be so insanely overmatched
As a result they will be your colonies later on.
So expand your kingdoms to have more colonies and more supplies including gold and resources items

Remember not to buy every soldier type that pops up in the market, as you will only get a limited amount of them

However try to gather a gigantic amount of each soldier that you unlock using research.
And just purchase the most powerful soldiers with the highest count, and buy any of the items that come up needed to finish your quests in this game.

In the early, you will have to choose one amongst the Wei, Shu and Wu kingdoms to represent your character in the Great War.

Afterward try scouting powerful soldiers to recruit and finding legendary items to win war in much easier while cooperating with General Cao Cao, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Lubu, and Lui Bei, to go into battle with them.

Plan you strategy before going to war, with researching, training and upgrading the most talented and powerful of soldiers

With having some solid soldiers, you will have to travel the lands to ride into battle and collect the rare and powerful items to be your kingdom`s resources

In addition you can get alliances by inviting your friends to help you in battle and increase resource production as supplies for your army

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