Gold Cards Coins Cheats in Big Win Soccer on Android

If you want to get more cards and coins in big win soccer game, you must use skill cards to augment the talents of your current players.

Big Win Soccer guides

Once you assigned a Big Impact card, it only lasts for one match. Bear this in mind if you’re going into a contest you expect to comfortably win, as you may be better off saving your best cards for tougher matches.

You can customize your players when you start your team, but all further customizations will cost you coins.

Just try to earn enough coins to get a silver pack at the lowest level possible to unlock a silver player, or even multiple silver players to be added to your squad in order to win more matches without even having to use any power up cards.

Try to play without power up cards to earn coins if yo do not have a silver pack.
Just watch videos to earn free coins in order to collect silver packs faster, without gaining any fans or any experience at all.

Try to find the right balance of using power up cards to win for leveling up purposes.
Have cards that affect the entire teams performance, such as for speed or shooting accuracy, or for winning more free kicks, then you can get away with only using one card at a time.
For other cards, try to use two or even three at a time.

To load up on the big impact cards for cheap is try to load up on the bronze packs first and use their big impact cards to full effect in your soccer matches.

Bronze packs also contain lots of permanent stat boosters to be used for your bronze players to even more expeditious than saving up for a silver card pack and to be used to increase player rating.

Try to increase your players ratings in order to increase your team rating with the stat boosters or by replacing players with higher-ranked players.

Friends trophy matches allow you to create a trophy and invite your friends to play their team against your team.

Tips to get fast energy refill in big win soccer game
Set the time on your phone device next to an hour ahead
Just go back to the game
Now your energy bar should be filled up automatically.
Keep doing so in order to keep playing and winning the match.

Guides to get free money bucks in big win soccer game
Try to connect Big Win Soccer to your Twitter and your Facebook account or by clicking on the free bucks panel and choosing one of the two bottom options in order to get 10 free bucks daily.

After getting ten free bucks, spend it to buy a gold pack to help your chances to win dramatically, even without using booster cards and getting a platinum player as well.

Try to complete every single free offer for big bucks or by signing up for Tapjoy to get 34 free bucks, and leading you to a lot of ways to earn more free big bucks.

Tricks to win the daily trophy cup tournament in big win soccer game
The daily trophy cup itself is the main online tournament game.
You just get put into a bracket with a group of random players, and if you place first through fifth, there will be more extra prizes including free coins, big bucks, and more fans waiting for you.

Try to get the best player cards absolutely possible to win the daily trophy cup without having to spend large amounts of game coins on cards.

This trick also will help you to win the tournament of this game by loading up on silver cards from the following procedures

Get a bunch of coins.
Watch videos in order to earn free coins by clicking on Free Coins by the coins counter.
Intentionally lose matches in which you will get only 10 fans but you will get more 50 coins each time.
Sell your big bucks in order to get 300 coins each.
Sell any cards that is unnecessary such as uniform cards.
Just go shopping for a bunch of silver packs in order to get a bunch of silver players.c. Just purchase as many gold card packs to have a chance of getting two gold players out of the same pack about half the time.

Now, go to My Team then sub in all of your gold and silver players, and use every single stat booster card from those packs to increase your team ratings to 50 or more.
It can definitely be done just by free offers not spending any real money.

Now, go to the Daily Trophy then start blowing away the competition without using any booster cards Notes that use only one booster card among a ton of gold boosters left over from the packs when you hit level 6 or 7 and facing a few stronger opponents in this tournament.

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