Gold Coins Cheats Guns n Glory Heroes Android

In guns n glory heroes premium game, you will have to fight against evil Orcs, apostate Elves and dark knights as they roam the lands
And it is kind of an epic fantasy defense action with Elves and Dwarves
Try to help our heroes Smirl, Arlon and Eloa in their epic struggle against this evil menace

Guns n Glory Heroes guides

Just harness the power of light and face your enemies
Use your skill such as magical fire and ice to annihilate whole armies
Get the Dwarven Fury unleashed upon your foes and split Orcs skulls
Join your party of stalwart heroes then try to be the Champion of the Hill Lands

Prepare for anything needed to get battle like sharpening the axe, polishing your armor and getting your gun ready in your hand
Now it is time to fight for glory, honor and gold once more
When starting this game you will have 750 Gold Coins as preliminary supply for purchasing some items needed

All you have to do is just to control 3 mighty heroes in their battle against the Orcs
When doing so you have to use and improve your 12 powerful combat abilities
You have to prove your tactical skills and master the Heroic Difficulty mode

This game will provide you with 50 challenging levels in that you will have a journey into forests, swamps and snowy mountains
Follow the story and experience an enchanting storyline spanning 5 exciting chapters

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