Gold Star Cheats for Collosseum Defense Android

When playing collosseum defense game, you will be tasked to earn more gold by completing each mission
With this gold, you can upgrade every facet of your arsenal from firepower to reload time and improve the regularity of critical shots

collosseum defense walkthrough

All of this process becomes essential as you face off against increasingly potent and numerous foes.
Each weapon will have its own unique abilities to help in damage output, crowd control, and slowing enemy movement

You can also unleash powerful area-of-effect Magic that will stun and damage all enemy units on the field
Moreover, you can enhance your stopping power with magical spells, which are devastatingly effective but take a while to recharge before you can deploy them again.

On the other side, equipped with a magical cannon, you will have to accomplish a goal with repelling wave after wave of orc attackers.

In the beginning of the game, you will be armed with a rapid-fire knife projectile, and you can purchase additional armament options such as ice axes, bombs and an automatic crossbow after getting enough gold by defeating enemies in the battlefield.

In addition you will have a stock of a finite amount of ammo and once this is depleted you have to switch to another weapon or wait a short period to get stock again.

Put your strength to the test by defeating the Bosses in every 10 levels while making some combos and touching the screen to attack and defend the waves of enemy monsters that threaten your Castle by equipping up to 3 unique weapons at one time.

Once defeating each boss you will make a progress of advancing through the levels so that you can unlock new terrain and upgrade your Castle Defense Weapons to hold off the horde and keep them at a distance

Alongside, you have to take a control of the battle by unleashing powerful magic to devastate all enemies on the map and stop them in their tracks

Note to always upgrade your firepower, spells and castle once after having a battle against enemies in order to get your castle and weapon increase the ability.

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