Gold Steel Cheats Enemy Lines Android

Build your city while collecting money gold cash when playing enemy lines game
Also, you will be tasked to build your city with walls, defensive buildings and troops to attack AI bases to earn resources or to attack real players to earn both Badges and resources.

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Moreover, to protect your city, you have to build military base and train troops to battle against enemies in campaign mode or match-making multiplayer mode.

Once making progress n each level, you can train and upgrade your troops, play through a riveting campaign of conquest, and battle other players in this exciting real-time strategy game.

Meanwhile, you will be able to bring soldiers to conquer the challenge, to combat with a large army and strong too.

In addition, your goal will be train all of your units including infantry, vehicle, and air units with special combat skills then consolidate your military might to battle in the competition

When having in a combat, you will have two options to attack an enemy base.
When troops are deployed outside the base zone, you will be allowed to let your troops attack enemies directly or use Auto-Attack to attack enemies.

For such reasons, you will have to plan every move wisely to get the different results if you use different strategies to attack enemies.

Player mode against other players will make the attractiveness of the game in which you will fight against the Blackscar enemy in an immersive campaign

By joining intense player vs. player battles, you will have chances of collecting resources and medals
So create Alliances to compete in weekly tournaments with ladders and leagues

In connection with that action, you will be allowed to select weapons and military equipment that are included in the vaccine game as infantry, warships, air units equipped with terrible or armored vehicles ready to pave the way for the infantry.

And if you want to have special items during the competition, you can purchase them with money
As a result, your army`s strength will be increased because of being equipped with those special items.

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