Cash Cheats Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on Android

When playing grand theft auto san andreas game, you must do some odd jobs to get extra money bucks
Here, you can explore petty gang wars in a facsimile of early ’90s L.A., in which it will tell you about government conspiracies, jetpacks, and massive casino heists that will be tempting anyone to reach their wealth at that time.

grand theft auto san andreas tips

Along the game, you will take a role as protagoinst Carl Johnson aka C.J. who is a young black gang member who takes up the lead role and you will explore three separate cities over one epic world map, and featured missions which took protagonist CJ from land to air to sea.

Furthermore, you will be returning to the streets of San Andreas, then you will need to work your way up the gangland chain by any means necessary.
At the beginning of the game, CJ is purposely a lousy shot and a worse driver, although he gets better at these things the more you do them.
Meanwhile, He need to eat and exercise regularly, or he will be hungry or fat — although so long as you save frequently and are relatively active, you will not have to spend much time at restaurants or the gym.

To fulfill your daily need, you will do anything that comes to money even though doing odd jobs like pimping, driving ambulances, turning into a vigilante, running taxis, dating girls, robbing houses, taking over gang territory, and competing in races.

On the other side, you will be allowed to drive cars and boats, shoot guns, fly planes and choppers, base jump, spray graffiti, bounce low riders, put out fires, do drive-bys, recruit gang members, jump, swim, sprint, and flip off pedestrians.
Once completing job to another, you will get bucks that you can use to purchase food, weapons or anything that you need to survive in this game

When shooting any target, you will be served with an enthusiastic auto-lock system which make gunplay a bit less fiddly.
In line with this, you can simply tap to aim, but it is often more efficient just to open fire and cycle between targets automatically, especially on the smaller iPhone screen.

When getting involved in the gun battle, there are plenty of fools to roll up on and shoot, whether you are wresting gang territory away from the rival Ballas or thrown into pitched battles against small armies of corrupt cops.
Moreover, you can shoot rival gangbangers without fuss with some rather generous auto-aim and a handy touch-to-target system.

And with a trio of steering options such as a fake analogue stick, two buttons, or flick-to-steer, you can drive cars and bikes with ease.
It is better to do some missions with your gang like chasing down a cholo with OG Loc on the back of your bike, and keeping up with a train with Big Smoke – on touchscreen.

And some missions generally involve using guns and cars in creative ways in which it is about kicking back, stealing a plane, flying to the top of Mount Chiliad, and tipping a Winnebago off the side for your own pleasure.

Initially, you will just ride a bike then you pumped bullets into passersby and hijacked cars.
When stealing cars, there will be a simple button-tapping prompt that appears near cars so you can hijack them at ease.

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