Health Coins Cheats for Rage of the Gladiator on Android

When playing rage of the gladiator game, you must earn more coins by fighting and winning every battle against your enemies in the battle field
During fighting you can collect gold, and learn special attacks that cut a chunk off your opponent’s health when they are utilized at the right time.

Rage of the Gladiator guides

You will be equipped with your magical warhammer and a trusty shield to fight against enemies in the arena by jumping, dodging, shield blocking, or counter-attacking with proper timing, agility, and thinking.
Now perform over-the-top combo finishers such as summoning a vicious lightning storm or a deadly pillar of fire.
But remember every enemy has their own unique attributes and attacks that will keep players on their toes.

When fighting against bosses, the impacts and hits feel “real” with 14 insane finishing moves.
You have to summon a fiery meteor, a savage tornado, or transform into a hulking colossus 10 times of your size
After getting enough coins you have to get new weapons, armor, new powers and skills including Offense, Defense, or Magic.
Remember bosses are much tougher with all-new abilities so you have to try harder to beat them in order to unlock new difficulties

You will start out at the “Novice” difficulty and the enemies will be more difficult to defeat.
So beat all the enemies under the “Novice” mode to increase your skill in advance to “Warrior” and then “Gladiator” modes.
Try winning every battle to earn attribute points to increase your abilities and special attacks.

You just swipe directly on the screens in the direction to attack then make combos with each additional successful blow.
You have to keep watching for oncoming attacks and either dodge, counter, shield or jump out of the way to prevent getting slashed.
With your magic abilities you can perform special attacks that do considerable amounts of damage. So use it wisely when you are facing a lot of enemies in one time

You can upgrade Gracius’ stats, armor, and weapons as well
So upgrade them as soon as possible to increase a skill point that can be placed into various offensive and defensive bonuses so that you can unlock special moves which are activated by a meter filling up when you deal damage on the enemies .
In between swipes, try to upgrade your armour and practice a few handy incantations to assist you on the battlefield.

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