Hearts Cheats Hectic Space on Android

Playing hectic space game will allow you to use and experiment each given weapon to sense the effect output and you must also get a high score

hectic space tips

You will be served with retro style arcade shooter where you can watch enemies shatter into glorious pixels then get involved in the space battle with any of space weapons

Along the way, you will collect some power ups, while using shields to protect from hostiles bullets and making your combo going for each mission

Furthermore, you will encounter a useful trinket bestowing you with a powerful new shot type.
In line with this, you will be allowed to taste some weapons such as cluster bombs, wave shots, homing shots, rapid fire missiles, which will defeat enemy hordes in inventive ways.

During the battle, you will see there is a shield that reflects shots back at enemies, causing them to explode into tiny neon cubes.

Throughout the game, you will be allowed to complete all the power-ups which give you extra helps, including shields and time slowing power-ups.
Always to gather hearts that will be something you need a lot to survive on a space

When getting involved in the gun battle, you can try to stick to the middle and move up and down to take out as many enemies as possible.

The basic strategy is to learn the enemy ships and their attacks, as every enemy ship in this game will be equipped with a special way of attacking.

For such reasons, you have to spot the most dangerous enemy ship and take it out before it fills the screen with unavoidable red lasers.

Remember that the toughest enemies will come through the middle so just stay alert because all that chaos and laser shooting and dying will tire your eyes quickly.

In addition, you must also learn the enemy shooting patterns by playing this game more often in which you will never get bored as this game is made with an extremely high quality.

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